Milestii Mici Winery

Over 50 km of the underground galleries are transformed into wine warehouses in the Milestii Mici Village (almost 30 km south Chisinau). The "Golden Collection" Milestii Mici is the pride not only of our enterprise, but also the pride of the whole country, of the whole Europe. In August, 2005, it was registered in the Guiness Records for being the biggest Wine Collection in the world. It contains over two millions bottles of wine highly appreciated by the winemakers from all over the world.

The constant temperature of 12 – 14 C and the humidity of 85 – 95% of this "kingdom of wine" ideally contribute to the preservation of the Moldavian strategic stocks, as well as to the full revelation of natural characteristics of the elite wines. The wines stored here are made of various years' crops, beginning with the 1968 to 1991. 

The spirit of the age is very well felt here, in this underground wine city, emerged from wide tunnels. You can pass by car these 200 kilometers of natural lime galleries. But is much more interesting to make a tour on foot along the streets which are named according to some types of wines or grapes like Cabernet, Aligote or Feteasca. You have the opportunity to examine the monolithic walls from shell rocks, enormous oak barrels which spread marvelous aroma of wines, ancient lamps and natural springs in stone. 

Yearly the Milestii Mici cellars are visited by government delegations and interested in wines tourists.




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