Estate "Zamfir Ralli Arbore"

 The village  Dolna is famous for the house-museum “The Estate of the family Ralli  Arbori” that is placed in a picturesque area of Codrii forest.

A great Russian writer A.S. Pushkin lived there while having been exiled to Bessarabia. Next to the estate we can see the monument of the writer placed to honor him. In the nearby Codrii forest there is “Zamfira' s Spring “ and “ Zamfira's Glade” where Pushkin some time lived in a Gypsi campsite and was in love with a Gypsi girl named Zamfira that inspired him to create his poem “ The Gypsies”.

Nowadays we can admire the exposition in the estate “Rali Arbori” where the original pieces from  XVIII – XX cc are kept.



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