Delights of the North-Soroca town!


Program of the tour:                                                 

  • Visiting Soroca fortress                            

Soroca is a town situated in the North of the Republic of Moldova on the river Nistru. In XII-XIII c.c. there was a Genoese settlement Olihonia that represented an important trade center. The inhabitants of the city have kept until nowadays their customs and traditions. Soroca town is first of all famous for the vigorous walls of Soroca fortress. In XV the Moldovan ruler Stefan the Great had founded the fortress named Saraki on the place of former Olihonia for his estates not to have been invaded by Poland and Hungary. In XVIII the name Saraki was turned to Soroki and the wooden church was replaced by the stone one. The historical value of Soroca fortress is that its walls had been preserved until our days the way it was built in the Middle Ages.

  • Lunch in the restaurant “ Old Fortress”

  • Visiting the Hill of the Settled Gypsies

    It is a Unique Quarter of the Gypsies settled purely by the Roman people in the head of a gipsy baron in Moldova. During the Soviet Times they managed to successfully combine their customs with those of local inhabitants. Later the hills of Soroca town got the name “The Hill of Gypsies” where the elegant houses and buildings under the name “Swallow’s nest” were built.

  • Departure to the bank of the river Nistru to enjoy the view of a surprising monument “The Candle of Gratitude”

    The light of this candle was lit on 27th March, 2004 to honor the author of a well-known Moldavian ballad “Miorita”. Actually it's a church in shape of a burning candle made of stone. An amazing view from this striking building opens to the river Nistru. One can get to the monument only by climbing up the steps the amount of which is hard to be ever counted.



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Soroca town

The Hill of the settled gypsies


The Candle of Gratitude


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