Tour program "WELCOME TO MOLDOVA!"

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 2 days/1 night


Day 1.

 Arrival in Chisinau.

 After a short pause you will meet with a professional local guide, who acquaints you with the heart of Moldova – Chisinau. City tour is starting..


In the afternoon a comfortable vehicle will take you from city life to calm pacified village world. The open-air museum complex Orheiul Vechi is waiting for you...

It is placed in a rocky gorge of Raut river, having a 200 m depth, at a 60 km distance from Chisinau. The medieval city was constituted in 1330, during the Gold Horde period. Millenniums old signs of the Dacian civilization, the ruins of the fortress Sehr al Djedid, built by the Gold Horde in the XlV-th century, the rupestral monastery, caves dug in stone, the St. Maria church, ruins of a Dacian fortress and of an ancient Turkish bath all of them situated between the Trebujeni and Butuceni villages make up the wonder Old Orhei. Each of them comes from different times having different stories and different architecture.



After difficult day we invite you to enjoy the hospitality of Moldavian people in one of the agro pensions, where you will try traditional Moldavian dishes, made from local products: placinte, zeama, mamaliga, exceptional wines, prepared by technology, which is passed from generation to generation, will share the sincerity of Moldavian songs — «hora», and will dance the unforgettable «pelenitsa» (traditional dance).

In the late evening transfer to Chisinau. Overnight.


 Day 2.

 On the second day of the tour you will visit one of the most important tourism attractions in Moldova – the winery Cricova.

 It is situated in a distance of about 10 km from Chisinau. Founded in 1952 Cricova wine factory can complete the world wonders list. At 60-80 m underground there are drift-galleries stretching out over more than 120 km, where during the whole year there is a temperature of +10 - +12 С and a humidity of 97%, which are considered to be ideal conditions for keeping the wine and producing the champagne. The fact that it is a real town is also showed by the presence of streets, named by famous wines Aligote, Feteasca, Cabernet, Pinot, Sauvignon.

The most valuable exhibit of Cricova collection is a small bottle in spacious cylinder the bottle which contains wine from 1902. It is the Red Wine of Jerusalem. Today it is the single bottle of such wine from the whole world.

 After excursion through the cellars and wine tasting departure back to Chisinau.


End of the program.


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