Resort " Dnestr"

Resort "Dnestr", Camenca

 The Health Resort “Dnestr” is situated right on the bench of the river Dnestr. The territory of the park is more than 20 ha, surrounded by a rocky slope creating special climate conditions.

  • Private, equipped beach

  • two 4 floor- buildings;

  • Hot, cool water;



Diseases of metabolism, blood circulation, skin diseases, diseases of the nervous system, locomotive system, gynecology.

Different healing baths as iodide-bromine baths, pearl baths, oxygen baths, turpentine baths, hydrogen sulfide baths, carbonic acid gas baths are used.

All types of medical massage including hydropathy, mud treatment, laser therapy are applied.

A number of cabinets for treatment procedures as psychotherapy, manual therapy, herbal therapy, dental diagnostics, ultrasonic diagnostics, functional diagnostics function there.

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