Instructions for visitors

VISA (information):

Tourist visa can be stamped on grounds of invitation letter.

To get invitation letter it is necessary to have:

the following documents:

  • scanned passport (page with photo and signature)
  • scanned previous visa (to Moldova, CIS, Europe)

the following information:

  • place of getting visa (country, city)
  • country of departure to Moldova
  • home address, phone number
  • place of work
  • father` surname/name
  • exact period of staying in Moldova
  • tourist program
  • the name of hotel which has to be booked for the whole period of staying

Invitation letter is issued by the Department of Migration of Republic of Moldova in period of 30 days – for individuals, in period of 15 days – for groups (NOTE:Department of migration has right to process documents for groups also in 1 month. That`s why all documents should be prepared and sent beforehand).

Invitation letter is sent to client by express mail. Tourist visa is issued only on the grounds of ORIGINAL of the invitation letter.

Entry Visa to Moldova for a period of stay until 90 days is not required for:

  • the member EU (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden);
  • Сanada, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Swiss Confederation, USA;
  • CIS (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan);
  • The foreign citizens who are not indicated above can enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova on the basis of a valid visa. The Visas are issued exclusively by the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad.

Instructions for visitors

Dear Friends!

Before traveling don't forget to take with:

  • International Passport

  • Ticket

  • Touristic voucher

  • Medical Insurance

Tourists need an international passport that should be valid during 6 months starting from the end of a tour. The responsibility for its validity is laid upon the tourist and competent state authorities.

Note! In case of children' exit from a country the warrant must be issued in time: without parents – the warrant should be obtained from both parents, with one parent -warrant from the second parent.

 In the departure hall of the airport of RM:

 It's necessary to come to the airport minimum 2 hours before the departure time indicated in the air ticket. A tourist passes the customs, check-in counter and passport control on his own. Check-in is finished 40 min before departure. If a tourist is late for check-in, the air company has the right not to let him on board. In case of such situations agency will do its best to help the tourist to get to the desired place, though all expenses will be carried by the tourist himself.

We advise to carefully study the conditions of passengers' and luggage transportation. Normally free luggage should not exceed 20 kg for one passenger in economy class, hand luggage is maximum 5 kg.

 An air company is responsible for air transportation following the rules of passengers' transportation.

The Agency is not responsible for changes in date and flight, flight delay, luggage safety.

 Customs regulations

 Goods and articles of personal consumption which are transported on the territory of Republic of Moldova one-time without VAT taxes, excises, customs and dues and fees:


  • Beer— 2 liters

  • Natural Wines including hard wines; must; hard drinks; liqueur and other alcoholic drinks — 1 liter

  • Cigarettes, — 50 pieces

  • Cigarettes from tobacco — 200 pieces

  • Articles from leather; travelers' articles, bags and similar goods – 1 piece

  • Clothes and knitted clothes accessories — 1 piece

  • Clothes and textile clothes accessories — 1 piece

  • Shoes — 2 pairs

  • Calculators — 1 piece

  • Audio-Video equipment — 1 piece

  • Watches — 1 piece

Goods exceeding the indicated number are imported on condition of customs fees.

 The import of foreign currency in RM is not limited.

 Obligations for tourists entering the Republic of Moldova:

 A person arriving in Moldova must:

  • follow the rules of a country of temporary stay, respect its social system, customs and traditions, religious believes;

  • keep the surrounding environment, protect the nature, history and culture monuments in place of stay;

  • follow the rules of entering a country;

  • follow the rules of personal safety.


Transfers, Guides.

The Agency puts at disposition transfer a/port/hotel-a/port, as well transfer indicated in a tour. All additional transport services are paid by a tourist on his own. The guide follows the group according the discussed program.

 Accommodation in a hotel:

Check-in is on day stated in a voucher (not earlier than an hour specified in a hotel), early check-in, late check-out is possible for additional payment on condition of free rooms in a hotel. It's recommended to leave the key from a room on reception desk, in case of its lost to inform the administration. Valuable things, money, documents are recommended to keep in a safety box which is in a room or on reception desk (sometimes at additional payment).

Insurance and health service:

Medical insurance in case of an accident is included in price of trip for the whole period of stay. In case of an accident one should call the phone in Moldova that is indicated in a medical insurance.

 Useful hints and information:

Emergency cases: police— 902, ambulance — 903, fire station— 901, gas station — 904.

Language: the official state language of Republic of Moldova is Moldavian. Also is widely used Spanish, Italian, French, English, German.

Money: Unit of currency in Moldova – Moldavian lei. Exchange rate is not stable, it is recommended to import dollars USA or euro which are accepted everywhere.